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Applicants for Georgia Coordinator Sought

Job Description: State Organizer Organization: Take Back Action Fund Contacts: John Pudner 404.606.3163 or , Lars Weichmann 803.747.2472  or , Justin Hill 334.329.7258 or Take Back Action Fund , a national, non-partisan 501(c)4 of former GOP campaign operatives seeking fiscally responsible political reforms including an initiative in Georgia to save money and stop tampering in elections by funding candidates purely as "spoilers" to change the results of elections.   Job Description: We are seeking an experienced, highly motivated grassroots organizer to help lead our state operation in Georgia.  The ideal candidate is hard-working and detail-oriented with an ability to hit metrics-based goals and build relationships with local and state office holders and conservative organizations. Coordinate with the National Field Director, a lobbyist and other personnel and follow-up with leads from a telemarketing effor

Hellwig Elected Chair of Take Back Action Fund; Adds Jones, Weichmann

This week the Take Back Action Fund Board elected Charles Hellwig of North Carolina as Chair. The Board as a whole remained the same with Perry Hooper, Maria Yost, John Pudner and former Chair Randy Brooks the other four members. "Randy took TBAF to new heights, and in 2019 we raised more that twice the money we raised in our first four years combined to run ambitions efforts in Massachusetts and Georgia, and start an effort in Utah," said Pudner, who serves as the Executive Director of the groups sister organization Take Back Our Republic ( "Because Randy also serves on the Board of Take Back Our Republic, we decided TBAF is growing so fast that one of the Board members who is not also on the TBOR Board should take the help as Chair." The growth enabled TBAF to also add Lars Weichmann, the TBOR National Field Director, to focus almost exclusively on the Georgia project with some effort in Massachusetts and Utah as well. Finally TBAF contra

Atlanta Journal-Constitution Notes TBAF's Attempt to Save Money With Instant Runoff Legislation

The following blog ran first at Yesterday Take Back Action Fund, the sister organization to Take Back Our Republic, had it’s Instant RUnoff proposal mentioned in the AJC. “The “instant runoff” proposal would require voters to rank candidates for office — first choice, second choice, thus eliminating the need for a second round of voting. The Take Back Action Fund is pushing the change, and has launched a  scaled-down website  promoting the instant runoff as a way to drive up turnout, reduce election costs and reduce the “spoiler effect” of a third-party candidate forcing overtime.  We’re also told an influential House GOP lawmaker is reviewing a draft of the proposed overhaul and could soon introduce the legislation. “ To read the article in its entirety click   here .

TBAF 2019 Wrap-Up: Successful Launches of Major Projects from Georgia to Massachusetts

Take Back Action Fund (TBAF), a 501c4, completed its most successful year-to-date. Record-setting fundraising enabled the group to knock on thousands of doors in Massachusetts and facilitate conservative activists trying to bring Instant Runoffs to Georgia (see website TBAF launched here ). The TBAF Board of Directors (John Pudner (President), Randy Brooks, Perry Hooper, Charles Hellwig and Maria Yost) voted to make the shortened version of its name the official name, and the IRS website officially still recognizes Take Back Action Fund as the same group who previously used the name "Take Back Our Republic Action Fund." Previously TBAF won a case against Facebook requiring them to disclose who was paying for political ads. "The expansion of TBAF will continue to western states such as Utah," said Pudner, who ran political campaigns for two decades during which time he helped Republicans take over state legislatures in the three states in which he lived in