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Action Fund President Hosts Almost All Congressional Candidates in the Presidential State

John Pudner, the President of Take Back Action Fund as well as Executive Director of our sister organization Take Back Our Republic ( ran the first forum that included almost all of this year's Congressional candidates in New Hampshire. Several of the candidates continue to follow-up, and we are now considering a possible questionnaire to enable candidates in New Hampshire and elsewhere to give statements on how they would address these reform issues. You can read the account of the forum by clicking here.

Take Back Action Fund Board Elects Perry Hooper

AUBURN, AL- This week the Take Back Action Fund Board, which leads a 501c4 dedicated to political reform, elected Perry O. Hooper Jr. as its newest member. He will serve a one-year term. Take Back Action Fund (TBAF) was founded 3 years ago by its President John Pudner, the Executive Director of Take Back Our Republic (TBOR), a 501c3 organization, to advocate for policies and solutions that go beyond the scope of TBOR. “Perry Hooper (left in photo above) has been a leading conservative figure for decades, and we are thrilled to add his wisdom and experience to our team,” said Pudner, who is in the Capitol Wednesday discussing the foreign trade ramifications of secret political contributions through massive unverified gift card programs that could be fixed by passing HR1341. “Throughout his career, he has demonstrated a genuine people-centric view of public service, and he has been a true reformer. His commitment to our cause, combined with the fact that he has been a part of n