TBAF Board Members Respond to Rare Unanimous FEC Decision Regarding Proposed Facebook Ads

TBAF Board Members Respond to Rare Unanimous FEC Decision Regarding Proposed Facebook Ads

Members of the Take Back Action Fund Board of Directors responded to a unanimous decision by the Federal Elections Commission that its proposed Facebook ads potentially advocating the defeat of Democratic candidates based on hypocrisy over disclosing political contributions involving Russia and other issues.

"I've been running hard-hitting political ads that play by the rules for years," said TBAF Board Member Charles Hellwig, who first worked with TBAF President John Pudner on Ollie North's run for US Senate in 1994. "However, if the FEC had deadlocked again on a Facebook matter it would have sent a clear signal that we were free to pay to run our attacks through Facebook without ever having to say Take Back Action Fund was the one paying for the ads.  We are happy we made this point, and that every group now knows they can no longer assume the FEC will deadlock and be unable to enforce disclosure requirements if they try to use Facebook to circumvent disclosure requirements."

The FEC debate appeared to be heading to deadlock several times between 10 a.m. and 3 p.m. December 14, before a breakthrough reported by USA Today.

The FEC decision was also cheered by Take Back Our Republic (TBOR), an IRS recognized 501c3 which set up TBAF (a 501c4), but is separately governed now has only one of its 10 TBOR voting Board Members (Randy Brooks) serving on the TBAF Board.  Juleanna Glover, Hellwig, and Marty Connors serve on the Board of Take Back Our Republic, which as a 501c4, Take Back Action Fund is able and willing to take more hard-hitting stances on issues. The two groups are therefore related but run separately consistent with Internal Revenue laws.


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