Take Back Our Republic names Jeff Kubler Oregon C-4 state coordinator

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Salem, Oregon (June 8, 2015) - National non-profit Take Back Our Republic (TBOR) announced Tuesday the selection of Jeff Kubler as the state coordinator for the foundation's Oregon efforts (www.takeback.org/groups/view/Oregon-state-coalition). Above all, the group pledges to promote non-partisan solutions to issues plaguing America's campaign finance system, by pushing to restore power to the hands of voters.
Jeff Kubler has many years of volunteer political activism towards conservative solutions in Oregon. Jeff has worked on initiative campaigns and held other various offices.
While working on campaigns, recruiting candidates and running the local party a lot was learned about running Get Out the Vote Efforts and communicating with voters.  This lead Jeff to form a company called Action Solutions (www.actionsolutions.net) which provides communication services to candidates and conservative groups. Action Solutions has worked nationally, but also in Oregon. An Oregon highlight being the 2010 election in which Jeff and his company Action Solutions was directly involved in critical efforts that helped the Republicans reach their highest recent elected officials mark, tying the State House at 30 to 30 and coming up just 300 votes short of tying the Senate.
Coming from the volunteer ranks means the Jeff has learned to do a lot with little money. Jeff is eager to work with a group like Take Back Our Republic because he understands that empowering the common voter to participate in economic support through tax credits, as Oregon Law allows, is a wonderful example for other states.  And encouraging this kind of law in other states and federally is one of Take Back Our Republics goals. Funding of campaigns has become a bigger and bigger issue.  This is a frequently overlooked issue, he said, but at the core of most of the problems, we see in our political system. Candidates are funded today by corporations and interests, not by people, so they only feel truly accountable to those same donors. When common people support candidates throughout the process, not just on Election Day, only then do we get the representative government we were always meant to have.
Action Solutions offers calling services to campaigns and one very new and innovative offering is called an Action Town Hall, a way to bring many people together on the phone for live interaction and communication.  "One reason I run telephone calls and telephone town hall meetings for elected officials is it makes them interact with their constitutes. Kubler said, who set up two days of meetings in Oregon with TBOR ED John Pudner. I believe the tax credit for small political contributions is another way to make officials pay attention to their constituents.
Take Back Our Republic (www.takeback.org), or TBOR, is based near the campus of Auburn University and 90 minutes from the Atlanta airport. Its mission is to conduct research, analysis and public education on conservative ideas for improving the financing of campaigns for public office. One such idea is to incentivize small campaign donations from private citizens. TBOR believes that if more Americans have a voice, politicians will focus less on a handful of large check writers at corporations, unions or special interest groups who expect something in return for their contributions.
We are thrilled to have Jeff join our team, Pudner said. From the day he came to Oregon, he has been working non-stop to serve its people and make the state better. He's a leader who has seen the political system from both sides and knows that while it may be fair between parties, it's unjust to the voters. His indefatigable passion to see those voters voices matter is inspiring to us and I hope to see it inspire change in Oregon and America. 
I am honored to be working with Jeff, he continued, but I most look forward to seeing the Oregon residents he'll help us reach and the work they'll do to make their own voices heard.


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