NC Governor +15 after LGBT $$$ Attack

 July 25th, 2016 by Take Back Action Team
Author's note: while remaining concerned about this issue, I did write a follow-up piece in NewsMax on this topic.

Please join the 10,000+ who have shared my Breitbart story and ask everyone you know to join to educate people on the big money behind legislation that would give any of the nations 747,000 convicted sex offenders a get out of jail card if they follow a woman into a women's restroom or public shower.
Incredible money flooded the state to back the effort started when groups allied with the Charlotte Business Guild, led by convicted registered sexual offender Chad Sevearance after they put pressure on Governor McCrory to support the LGBT bathroom bill. This is one more example of why conservatives must get engaged in the money in politics debate. The group run by the registered sexual offender helped convince national LGBT groups, as well as performers, corporations, sports leagues and President Obama to threaten to pull money out of the state unless Governor McCrory gave into their demands that any man who SELF-IDENTIFIED as transgender use Women's restrooms and showers.

On Saturday even MSNBC commentators admitted the law could swing states to Donald Trump, trying a faint-hearted attack on McCrory by implying the law would require monitors had to stand outside restrooms to check birth certificates. Nice try. Here is the more likely scenario than MSNBC's hypothetical a bathroom monitors if they are successful in stopping women and girls from using their own public restrooms without men present:

1.  Sexual predator follows the girl into a woman's restroom. 2. Luckily an adult sees the predator, and summons a police officer who gets the man out. 3. Under the law being advocated by the big money coalition, the sexual predator says, Oh, I was not going to do anything, I just SELF-IDENTIFY as a transgender woman so I went in the women's room. 4. Case closed predator likely to go after other children adding to the 2.2% of youth that have been victimized by an attempted or completed rape (Crimes Against Children Research Center).

So the ends justify any means argument made by those who want to abolish women's only restrooms is basically that in order to allow the 0.2% of Americans who are transgender (but are biologically men) to use women's room, we should create a law whose effect is actually to make the 2.2% of youth that have been targeted for a rape more vulnerable by letting a predator follow them into a Woman's room?

The end does not justify ANY means, it justifies some means such as outlawing a transgender being attacked or harassed in a men's room - not creating infinitely more potential young victims of sexual predators.
And yet Sevearances coalition behind this ends justify any means law built a big money coalition to thwart the democratic process. National LGBT groups poured money into the state, expecting the Governor to either plummet in the polls or cave into their demands like the Republican Governors in Indiana and Arkansas had done. In turn, sports leagues from the NBA to NASCAR added pressure. Then President Obama weighed in demanding all schools adopt similar policies (even though state voters opposed a similar decision by a 10% to 82% margin). Obama apparently thought an Executive Order forbidding schools from only allowing girls in girls room was more important than the Executive Order requiring government contractors to reveal the millions of dollars they are contributing before getting billions in tax dollars. The Administration went so far as to threaten to withhold federal money usually used for low-income lunches in any state that dared keep boys out of girls rooms.

Paypal proudly announced that it was pulling an expansion plan from North Carolina to take away 400 well-paying jobs because, in essence, North Carolina will not let sexual predators or any other man to go into Women's rooms as long as they say after the fact that they SELF-IDENTIFY as transgender. The Washington Times noted that Paypal did bring 500 new jobs to their operation in Malaysia, apparently not seeing a problem in expanding in a country requiring whippings and up to 20 years in prison for anyone engaging in homosexual activities.

Apple also lectured North Carolina on the law as it continued to open stores in Saudi Arabia, where the Blade reported recently that officials are advocating the death penalty for anyone stating online that they are homosexual.

Conservatives who do not believe dark money and a few huge donors dominating political decisions like these is a problem because they believe big business is on their side should look again at the policies big business are advocating.
Please join and contribute to our efforts. 

John Pudner, President, Take Back Action


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