Both Sides Sling Dark Money in Supreme Court Fight

 April 5th, 2017 by Take Back Action Team
I'm sure it'll come as no surprise to you... but dark money is being used to attack Donald Trump's Supreme Court nominee, as well as defend him. 
It is hypocritical to exploiting the campaign finance rules, funneling as much secret, dark money from the mega-wealthy as possible to stop Gorsuch, in the name of stopping dark money. It's a classic "ends justify any means" effort. 
I'm absolutely fed up with this and I know you are too. 
Let’s be clear, both sides are to blame. I've frequently called out groups supporting President Trump for their lack of transparency. However, I believe it would be wrong on our part to attack them without also calling out the Constitutional Responsibility Project which launched a TV ad buy targeted at convincing Democrat Senators- who unanimously confirmed Judge Gorsuch last time- to oppose Donald Trump’s nominee. 
It is unrealistic to ask either side to unilaterally disarm. It’s time the rules were changed, for ideological groups to advocate for transparency, and for influence to be returned to ‘We The People.’ 
Interestingly, one of their attack ads said Gorsuch should be opposed because he is Wall Street’s best friend. Yet, they were silent when hedge fund personnel $123,000,000 to Hillary Clinton and only $19,000 to Donald Trump as of the July reports last year. 
This attack is not about reform, and it’s not about Wall Street. 
Many of our members wish justices would consider babies and not corporations to be people, and there are many other hot-button issues that divide people over the Supreme Court. 
In November, the people made their will very clear on the pivotal issue of who will fill Judge Scalia's shoes on the Supreme Court. CNN's polling showed that the issue gave President Trump a big advantage at the ballot box as much more voters wanted a conservative appointment. 
We are prepared to speak boldly for reform as well as call out hypocrisy wherever we see it. In that vein, we were the only group that pointed out Bernie Sanders' duplicity in injecting his campaign with tens of millions in credit card contributions from unverified sources, despite saying he was FOR campaign finance reform.  
And, yes, we are prepared, willing, and proven to point out when the Trump Administration falls short. 
We will also continue to remind all that both Sanders and Trump also completely revamped the political landscape in both parties by showing millions of Americans from across the political spectrum are willing to vote our their own Party's establish leaders - if those leaders are really protecting each other's secret money and deal making instead of fighting for their respective ideology. 
We can no longer afford to mess around on this issue- or we risk losing ground on one of the most uniting conversations for everyday Americans! That’s why Take Back Action Fund is uniquely positioned to push back on the Right. I've been on the front lines of this battle for a long time. 
Before starting Take Back Action Fund, I helped principled conservative, Dave Brat, pull off what may have been the most stunning upset in congressional election history. Despite being outspent more than 10x over, we overcame the big Wall Street money and sent Eric Cantor packing. 
We are prepared and ready to be your voice. If you stand with us today, we can be a force for good in standing against hypocrisy and standing for the real reform Americans deserve.


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