Link to Story on FEC Case that Ultimately Prevailed

Supporters forwarded this piece, which we missed prior to the successful FEC hearing but lays out the option requested. One note of clarity - we are not a PAC but a 501c4 that is allowed to put some effort into electioneering. However, after the FEC decision, which we are ecstatic to support, we do not plan on running the contemplated advertisements and are glad that other less scrupulous 501c4s will also realize the peril in proceeding with running ads that should be run through a PAC with full disclosure through a 501c4 instead.

TBAF Board Members Respond to Rare Unanimous FEC Decision Regarding Proposed Facebook Ads

TBAF Board Members Respond to Rare Unanimous FEC Decision Regarding Proposed Facebook AdsMembers of the Take Back Action Fund Board of Directors responded to a unanimous decision by the Federal Elections Commission that its proposed Facebook ads potentially advocating the defeat of Democratic candidates based on hypocrisy over disclosing political contributions involving Russia and other issues.

"I've been running hard-hitting political ads that play by the rules for years," said TBAF Board Member Charles Hellwig, who first worked with TBAF President John Pudner on Ollie North's run for US Senate in 1994. "However, if the FEC had deadlocked again on a Facebook matter it would have sent a clear signal that we were free to pay to run our attacks through Facebook without ever having to say Take Back Action Fund was the one paying for the ads.  We are happy we made this point, and that every group now knows they can no longer assume the FEC will deadlock and be una…

Take Back Action Fund President at FEC Thursday

On Thursday, the Federal Election Commission will take up a request by Take Back Action Fund regarding the need for disclaimers on Facebook Advertising. The Action was created by people who wanted to join Take Back Our Republic as conservatives concerned about the need for campaign finance reform, but who wanted to engage in activities that went beyond the scope of Take Back Our Republic, which is a non-profit under 501(c)3 of the IRS code.

The Action Fund is a 501(c)4 that shares the conviction that voters have the right to know who is producing political advertising, particularly to identify attempts to flood huge amounts of money from foreign countries. To that end, the Action Fund asked the FEC if potential hard-hitting social media ads would require the same kind of disclosure required when similar TV commercials or direct mail attack pieces must provide.

The Action Fund is encouraged by two draft response to the request to be considered Thursday, which is identified as Agenda Docu…

Breakdown of Trump's Popularity and Take Back Tag Line

Take Back Action Fund John Pudner breaks down the numbers in this piece, closing with info on the non-profit ( that established

Action Fund Elects Randy Brooks Chair; Glover, Connors, Pudner, Hellwig

BIRMINGHAM, Alabama - May 15, 2017 - The Take Back Action Fund Board met today in Birmingham and elected Randy Brooks Chair. The Board also elected Juleanna Glover, John Pudner, Charles Hellwig and Marty Connors to one-year terms.

Two years ago Pudner, the Executive Director of Take Back Our Republic (Take Back), a non-partisan 501(c)3 organization (see details on, announced the formation of Take Back Our Republic Action Fund (Action Fund). He noted that some strong conservatives with deep experience in politics, campaigns, and government believed in the educational effort of Take Back, but sought to advocate policies and implement specific solutions activities which go beyond the scope of the efforts of Take Back.

The group currently advocated the passage of HR1341 and other campaign finance reform measures. The bios of the members are as follows:

Randy Brooks, CEO of Avast Real Estate, built his real estate operation of more than 100 people with his method of per…

Both Sides Sling Dark Money in Supreme Court Fight

April 5th, 2017 by Take Back Action Team I'm sure it'll come as no surprise to you... but dark money is being used to attack Donald Trump's Supreme Court nominee, as well as defend him.  It is hypocritical to exploiting the campaign finance rules, funneling as much secret, dark money from the mega-wealthy as possible to stop Gorsuch, in the name of stopping dark money. It's a classic "ends justify any means" effort.  I'm absolutely fed up with this and I know you are too.  Let’s be clear, both sides are to blame. I've frequently called out groups supporting President Trump for their lack of transparency. However, I believe it would be wrong on our part to attack them without also calling out the Constitutional Responsibility Project which launched a TV ad buy targeted at convincing Democrat Senators- who unanimously confirmed Judge Gorsuch last time- to oppose Donald Trump’s nominee.  It is unrealistic to ask either side to unilaterally disarm. It’s…