Take Back Action Fund - About Us

Take Back Action Fund or TBAF (also recognized by the IRS as Take Back Our Republic Action Fund) launched on May 5, 2015, three months after its sister organization Take Back Our Republic (Take Back). Some strong conservatives with deep experience in politics, campaigns, and government believed in the educational effort of Take Back, but sought to advocate policies and implement specific solutions activities which go beyond the scope of the efforts of Take Back. TBAF is a conservative, non-partisan 501(c)(4) organization, while Take Back is a 501(c)(3).  (See details on ) TBAF fills the void of center-right groups working to determine the “rules of the game.” For too long, some groups on the Left monopolized these terms - rules for redistricting, voter registration, ranked choice voting, voter ID - for partisan gain. TBAF supports reforming gerrymandering to allow the citizens’ true voices to be heard through compact districts based on communities

Take Back Action Fund Team Members

As Take Back Action Fund expands into new states, we present this update list of our team members. Our Team John Pudner (President) - Pudner spent 25 years running Republican political campaigns including the faith-based turnout in 16 states for George W. Bush and was first featured on Fox News after running Republican Dave Brat’s campaign to the historic upset of Republican Majority Leader Eric Cantor. Charles Hellwig (Board Chair) - Hellwig, Wiechmann, and Pudner first worked together when all three lived in Virginia - recruiting well over 10,000 delegates to the 2-day Republican convention to nominate candidates. They worked the Virginia GOP conventions that set world records for a political convention in 1993, 1994 and 1997. Hellwig then moved to South Carolina where he built a real estate business and won political campaigns and now splits time between Myrtle Beach, SC and Raleigh, NC where he has been elected County GOP Chair, a position he

TBAF Rolls Out Efforts in Massachusetts, Georgia, South Carolina and Alabama

With successful wins at the FEC, a Statewide effort in South Carolina and at ballot box, Take Back Action Fund is expanding efforts into four states for 2020. Current Projects Elected School Boards in Alabama. In their first years of running political efforts in Virginia, current members of the TBAF team fought against efforts by Democrats to prevent Virginians from electing their own school boards. Ironically decades later it is Republicans trying to take the right of Alabamians to elect their own state school board. TBAF asks voters to vote NO on Amendment One in order to preserve their right to elect the Alabama State Board of Education, rather than have it appointed by political insiders. Holding local officials accountable for policy decisions that create problems with traffic and even flooding by doing the bidding of major donors and political cronies. TBAF personnel will ask voters leaving primary precincts if they believe flooding is a key iss

Fortenberry Leads Georgia Take Back Action Fund

Kristi Fortenberry has been named Georgia State Director for Take Back Action Fund, the conservative leader in reforming the rules of political campaigns to stop pay-for-play efforts to distort the will of the people. “We are grateful to have Kristi leading our efforts in Georgia,” said national field director Lars Wiechman, who like Fortenburg and Take Back Action Fund (TBAF) President John Pudner learned the political process through grassroots fieldwork for Republican candidates before joining the nonpartisan TBAF.  “Kristi’s proven ability to train and maximize efforts from political canvassers to exceed quotas for Lynne Homrich (Home Depot executive running for Georgia’s 7th Congressional District) as well as train cadets to work together in team-building exercises in the Air Force Reserve Officer Training Corps (AFROTC) made her the perfect fit. She has won over Georgia residents in political settings and briefings and provided military briefs - making her the perfect leader

Applicants for Georgia Coordinator Sought

Job Description: State Organizer Organization: Take Back Action Fund Contacts: John Pudner 404.606.3163 or , Lars Weichmann 803.747.2472  or , Justin Hill 334.329.7258 or Take Back Action Fund , a national, non-partisan 501(c)4 of former GOP campaign operatives seeking fiscally responsible political reforms including an initiative in Georgia to save money and stop tampering in elections by funding candidates purely as "spoilers" to change the results of elections.   Job Description: We are seeking an experienced, highly motivated grassroots organizer to help lead our state operation in Georgia.  The ideal candidate is hard-working and detail-oriented with an ability to hit metrics-based goals and build relationships with local and state office holders and conservative organizations. Coordinate with the National Field Director, a lobbyist and other personnel and follow-up with leads from a telemarketing effor

Hellwig Elected Chair of Take Back Action Fund; Adds Jones, Weichmann

This week the Take Back Action Fund Board elected Charles Hellwig of North Carolina as Chair. The Board as a whole remained the same with Perry Hooper, Maria Yost, John Pudner and former Chair Randy Brooks the other four members. "Randy took TBAF to new heights, and in 2019 we raised more that twice the money we raised in our first four years combined to run ambitions efforts in Massachusetts and Georgia, and start an effort in Utah," said Pudner, who serves as the Executive Director of the groups sister organization Take Back Our Republic ( "Because Randy also serves on the Board of Take Back Our Republic, we decided TBAF is growing so fast that one of the Board members who is not also on the TBOR Board should take the help as Chair." The growth enabled TBAF to also add Lars Weichmann, the TBOR National Field Director, to focus almost exclusively on the Georgia project with some effort in Massachusetts and Utah as well. Finally TBAF contra