No Electoral College Critics - More Big States Were Slave States

No group writes more hysterical comments than supporters of abolishing the electoral college (see our piece in the Hill with 6,225 shares from April and the piece that brought more than 1000 comments in the first couple of hours.)

I know critics often post stream of conscience comments without researching, but many could have saved themselves from their embarrassing argument which I paraphrase as:  Those who support the electoral college are siding with the 18th century small slave holding states that forced the Electoral College on the large non-slave states. Correcting their mistake before posting would have only required two quick google searches:
First, click on 270 to Win and go to the first election where each state's electors were counted (right image), then click on the image on Wiki's history of slavery (left image).

1. If those who side with 18th century small states AGAINST large states are racists, then ...

Alice in Wonderland. Comments intended to shame supporters…

Action Fund President Hosts Almost All Congressional Candidates in the Presidential State

John Pudner, the President of Take Back Action Fund as well as Executive Director of our sister organization Take Back Our Republic ( ran the first forum that included almost all of this year's Congressional candidates in New Hampshire. Several of the candidates continue to follow-up, and we are now considering a possible questionnaire to enable candidates in New Hampshire and elsewhere to give statements on how they would address these reform issues.

You can read the account of the forum by clicking here.

Take Back Action Fund Board Elects Perry Hooper

AUBURN, AL- This week the Take Back Action Fund Board, which leads a 501c4 dedicated to political reform, elected Perry O. Hooper Jr. as its newest member. He will serve a one-year term. Take Back Action Fund (TBAF) was founded 3 years ago by its President John Pudner, the Executive Director of Take Back Our Republic (TBOR), a 501c3 organization, to advocate for policies and solutions that go beyond the scope of TBOR.

“Perry Hooper (left in photo above) has been a leading conservative figure for decades, and we are thrilled to add his wisdom and experience to our team,” said Pudner, who is in the Capitol Wednesday discussing the foreign trade ramifications of secret political contributions through massive unverified gift card programs that could be fixed by passing HR1341. “Throughout his career, he has demonstrated a genuine people-centric view of public service, and he has been a true reformer. His commitment to our cause, combined with the fact that he has been a part of nearly ev…

Take Back Action Fund Annual Board Meeting Wednesday, May 30, 2018

The Board of Directors for Take Back Action Fund, an IRS recognized 501c4, will hold its annual meeting Wednesday, May 30 at 9 a.m. Central in Auburn, Alabama.

Elections will be held for Board members to serve for one-year terms. Anyone interested in running for the Board should contact or 404.606.3163 to be considered.

ProPublica Runs Best Accountability Tool After TBAF's Victory over Facebook at the FEC

For this story, click here.

Link to Story on FEC Case that Ultimately Prevailed

Supporters forwarded this piece, which we missed prior to the successful FEC hearing but lays out the option requested. One note of clarity - we are not a PAC but a 501c4 that is allowed to put some effort into electioneering. However, after the FEC decision, which we are ecstatic to support, we do not plan on running the contemplated advertisements and are glad that other less scrupulous 501c4s will also realize the peril in proceeding with running ads that should be run through a PAC with full disclosure through a 501c4 instead.

TBAF Board Members Respond to Rare Unanimous FEC Decision Regarding Proposed Facebook Ads

TBAF Board Members Respond to Rare Unanimous FEC Decision Regarding Proposed Facebook AdsMembers of the Take Back Action Fund Board of Directors responded to a unanimous decision by the Federal Elections Commission that its proposed Facebook ads potentially advocating the defeat of Democratic candidates based on hypocrisy over disclosing political contributions involving Russia and other issues.

"I've been running hard-hitting political ads that play by the rules for years," said TBAF Board Member Charles Hellwig, who first worked with TBAF President John Pudner on Ollie North's run for US Senate in 1994. "However, if the FEC had deadlocked again on a Facebook matter it would have sent a clear signal that we were free to pay to run our attacks through Facebook without ever having to say Take Back Action Fund was the one paying for the ads.  We are happy we made this point, and that every group now knows they can no longer assume the FEC will deadlock and be una…