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No Electoral College Critics - More Big States Were Slave States

No group writes more hysterical comments than supporters of abolishing the electoral college (see our piece in the Hill with 6,225 shares from April and the piece that brought more than 1000 comments in the first couple of hours.)

I know critics often post stream of conscience comments without researching, but many could have saved themselves from their embarrassing argument which I paraphrase as:  Those who support the electoral college are siding with the 18th century small slave holding states that forced the Electoral College on the large non-slave states. Correcting their mistake before posting would have only required two quick google searches:
First, click on 270 to Win and go to the first election where each state's electors were counted (right image), then click on the image on Wiki's history of slavery (left image).

1. If those who side with 18th century small states AGAINST large states are racists, then ...

Alice in Wonderland. Comments intended to shame supporters…